Our Geography and Our Economy

Does Mr. Prachanda also have the spirit and determination to lead the impoverished Nepal and be the helmsman of 27 million Nepalese? By Samyam Waglé While the debate about the probability of miraculous economic success in Nepal under Maoists leadership is going on, they have not still come up with such strong convincing economic policiesContinue reading “Our Geography and Our Economy”

Letter to Ms. Palpasa: Do NOT Come to the States

We are mistaken about American fantasy. We simply wish to cross the border. Once you get into America, the trees of dollar are yours, every one imagines the same! If you are coming as undergraduate student you must have higher score in your English test i.e. Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) or InternationalContinue reading “Letter to Ms. Palpasa: Do NOT Come to the States”