People on the Street Chant a New Slogan: Down With Maoist

A reporter’s diary detailing pre-election atrocities of the Maoist in far west Nepal in Blogmandu.

Anti Maoist Protest in Koteshwor
Residents of Koteshwor organized an anti-Maoist protest rally today by blocking traffic.

Eye on Maoist: Even after the surprise victory in the April 10 CA polls, the Maoist hasn’t changed its wartime behavior of intimidation, abduction and killings. The Maoist is increasingly looking like a criminal gang with its YCL engaged in organized efforts to take law into their hands. Here are a few examples of how Maoist (or YCL) are engaged in criminal activities:

Maoist cadres kill a capital resident: Maoist cadres killed Ram Hari Shrestha, a resident of Koteshwar in the Capital, after abducting him two weeks ago. The Maoist conceded that the Shrestha, who was also the chairman of local Tole development committee, was killed after abduction by his own party activists. Locals of Koteshwar disrupted the traffic in the area today afternoon following the airing of the news. They shouted slogans like Maobadi murdabad [Down with Maoist] Continue reading People on the Street Chant a New Slogan: Down With Maoist