Chameleon Chairman: Comrade Changes the Color!

CHANGE that we can believe in? HOPE that’s true! As it’s becoming almost certain that Maoist will lead the next government Chairman Prachanda- who said he will actually be heading it- has been very quickly changing the radical tone almost sounding like a, God forbid, a bourgeois leader! Until ten days ago Nepali Army, forContinue reading “Chameleon Chairman: Comrade Changes the Color!”

Royal Nepal Palace Refutes "Malicious" Reports

King Gyanendra’s Secretariat at the royal palace today issued a statement that said: “The attention of the Secretariat has been drawn to the malicious reports appearing in sections of the national and international media in recent days against the royal palace. This Secretariat strongly refutes these reports as totally fabricated and unfounded.” The background: SomeContinue reading “Royal Nepal Palace Refutes "Malicious" Reports”

Who is the Real Witch? YCL or the Pregnant Woman?

Cadres of Maoist youth wing, YCL, thrashed a couple at Pwang VDC-8 of Rukum district yesterday accusing the latter of practicing witchcraft. Dal Bahadur Gharti and his pregnant wife, Devi, were severely beaten by local YCL cadres, Chunlal Gharti and Rajesh Malla, after the locals accused the Gharti couple of casting spell on a localContinue reading “Who is the Real Witch? YCL or the Pregnant Woman?”

Maoists on King: Badal the Radical Snubs Baburam the No. 2

“It would be good if he peacefully, voluntarily leaves the palace after the first sitting of the Constituent Assembly decides to abolish monarchy. If he does not do so, the government will treat him just like any common criminal and use the army or other force to oust him from there.” Previous blog: Maoist UltimatumContinue reading “Maoists on King: Badal the Radical Snubs Baburam the No. 2”

Maoist Madness After Victory

As the vote counting was going on Maoit’s YCL cadres were stopping people at different places and searching their bodies, bags and wallets. Some Nepali Congress cadres were complaining that their money and mobile phones were confiscated. Maoists were searching for NC cadres and beating whoever they found. By Damodar Neupane in Gorkha Diary ofContinue reading “Maoist Madness After Victory”