Seeking an Appointment FOR the Nepali Ambassador in Washington

The US ambassador to Nepal is like a celebrity, what she says and does and thinks is a big deal in Nepal but in America? No one has time to meet the Nepali ambassador. Efforts to seek appointments with congressmen and senators almost always go futile. An experience of a Nepali girl who dialed a lot for such appointments only to be disappointed at the end:

By Nepali Keti in Washington DC

Back in high school most papers I wrote started with my obligatory introduction, “Nepal is a small country sandwiched between the giant China and India”. But, until today I had not nearly comprehended what I’d written. ‘Small’ to me described Nepal’s physical stature, her geographic mass- which really is small (absolutely and relatively)…comparable to Florida or one of the Kiwi islands. Today though I got a taste of how small we actually are. Continue reading Seeking an Appointment FOR the Nepali Ambassador in Washington

News from India: BJP Welcomes Change in Nepal

King Gyanendra’s asylum to India a “hypothetical issue”: Amid speculation that Nepal King Gyanendra could seek political asylum in India, External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee was evasive on the issue, describing it as hypothetical, reports Press Trust of India. “I do not know whether anybody has sought any asylum. It is a hypothetical question,” Mukherjee said when asked by a reporter about the speculation that the monarch could take shelter in India as Maoists have emerged victorious in Nepal Constituent Assembly polls. Reports have suggested that Gyanendra could come to India using his family connections in India, says The Hindu. Continue reading News from India: BJP Welcomes Change in Nepal

Maoist Ultimatum and Renovation of the King's Private House

We will present yet another surprise to the world by peacefully negotiating the king’s exit from Narayanhiti Royal Palace.- Prachanda, Maoist Chairman who might lead the next government in Nepal

Prachanda wants ‘graceful exit’ for king: In an interview with the Kathmandu Post’s Ghanashyam Ojha on Friday Maoist Chairman Prachanda says he is in favor of providing King Gyanendra a “graceful exit” from the throne that the Shah dynasty has occupied for the last 240 years. He told the Post that he has initiated consultations with various diplomatic missions and leaders of other political parties on what such a “graceful exit” might be. “The king should not be ousted from the throne in a humiliating manner,” he said. He was not sure what that graceful exit could be. But he hinted that there would be no further action against him if he obeyed the verdict of the people. Continue reading Maoist Ultimatum and Renovation of the King's Private House

UNMIN Politics: Who's Behind the Maoist Statement?

Verbatim 1

“We have always said that the CA election was a key moment in the peace process but it’s certainly not the end of it by any means. There are other issues to be addressed and it’s important that the parties’ together look now at what more has to be done to take forward the peace process towards a successful conclusion.” –Ian Martin, Chief, United Nations Mission in Nepal, talking to journalists after his meeting with the Prime Minister on Friday (18 April).

Verbatim 1

“We extended their work period by six months earlier. A new National Army will be formed by integrating the Nepal Army and the People’s Liberation Army and the UN will not be needed as the new government can carry out the integration.” –C.P. Gajurel, CPN Maoist leader and Foreign Affairs chief of the party.

We always knew that Maoists didn’t like the UNMIN, a bureaucratic monster that was needed as a referee for Nepali peace process, for various reasons. A Maoist leader was on record criticizing the UN mission for preposterous spending on logistics like choppers, plane(s) and fleet of cars. “We have 20 thousand PLA but not a single chopper,” the leader said. “Why to UNMIN who are here to monitor the PLA need choppers and that many cars?” Continue reading UNMIN Politics: Who's Behind the Maoist Statement?