Now It's Congress That Is Bargaining

It seems that the tables have been turned. The customers have become managers and managers have become customers who are willing to bargain. We are talking about relationship of Nepali Congress and the CPN Maoist which has seen changes because of the April 10 election results. Before, when Congress was the largest party in the parliament and Maoists were considered the opposition force, Maoists would put forward countless news clauses and proposals demanding that they be fulfilled by the State. Now, as Maoist is set to lead the next government and trying to continue with the alliance with Congress and other parties, its Congresses turn to put forward the clauses and proposals. Continue reading Now It's Congress That Is Bargaining

Nepali Politicians Reflect on Poll Defeat

From left to right: CPN Maoist leaders Kul Bahadur Chhetri (Sonam) and Netra Bahadur Chanda (Biplav), CPN UML leader Shankar Pokharel and NC leader Minendra Rijal. Pic by Wagle

By Dinesh Wagle
Wagle Steet Journal

Two relatively young leaders of the Nepali Congress and CPN UML who faced humiliating blows of defeat in the April 10 CA election have blamed the poor organizational strength of their respective parties and said that YCL’s activities were also responsible for their stunningly bad shows. Both leaders said that their party’s pre-election assessment turned out to be wrong and said the lack of effective security was also responsible for their defeat. Leaders Minendra Rijal of NC and Shankar Pokharel of the UML, who are in the list of candidates of their respective parties for proportional representation voting system, are among those Nepali politicians who aren’t involved in any sort of scams or corruption scandals. Continue reading Nepali Politicians Reflect on Poll Defeat