My View of the Maoists…

…is completely apolitical. The word “Maoists” evokes in my mind, the picture of an entire group, that draws inspiration from the angry-young-man. There seems to be great loyalty and enthusiasm in the Maoists, but also a great deal of hostility.

By Prateebha Tuladhar

I have always found it intriguing how we call the Maoists “Maoists.” For it’s not just a term. It’s a way of looking at “them”. When I read Dinesh’s caption “Maoists beauties” on United We Blog! the thought struck me with greater strength. We seem to look at the “Maoists” as a clan more than a political party. Throughout the election, like most of my journo friends, I too used the term ‘Maoists’ to denote a force in my mind. In my mind (I assume like in many others), they are a force. When I say Nepali Congress, UML, Janmorcha or Sadbhavna, I look at them as different umbrellas, under which people seek shelter or claim ownership, their reactions different from time to time, sometimes depending on their need and opportunity. Continue reading My View of the Maoists…

Meeting Barack Obama: Nepal is a Beautiful Country!

I think part of the reason many of prominent leaders in Nepal lost in the April 10 CA election is they are not attached to the common people the way Barack Obama is.

Letter from America
By Deepak Adhikari

It’s been more than a month I am in the US as an Alfred Friendly Fellow and I missed the CA polls and the surprising results back in Nepal. The election is going on in the US too. I wanted to see the US presidential candidates first hand, American people’s perception toward election/politics and watch some of the debates and the Primary.

Hello Barack! Supporters including a Nepali scholar Nawa Raj Pradhan reach to shake hands with Democratic presidential hopeful, Sen. Barack Obama, after he spoke at a rally at the University of Wyoming in Laramie, Wyo., Friday (8 March). Dr. Eng. Pradhan from Ilam, Bhanu Path-2, is a post doctoral research associate at the University of Wyoming, U.S.A. He completed his PhD from Kyoto University in Japan in Water Resources Engineering. Photo by Associate Press via USA Today
Previous UWB post on Obama: And I Endorse Barack Obama for the American Presidency

Luckily, I am posted to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette , the biggest newspaper in Western Pennsylvinia. The much awaited primary is slated for April 22 in this state. My mentor Greg Victor assured me that I would be able to watch the Primay and may be shadow a reporter covering the presidential election. The latter has not taken place yet but I was pleasantly surprised when both of the candidates, hoping to clinch the Democratic nomination, turned up in our office to garner the support of Post-Gazette. Hillary Clinton’s visit went almost unnoticed as she did not want to meet the newsroom people. Continue reading Meeting Barack Obama: Nepal is a Beautiful Country!

Nepal Update: Today's Political Developments

For the record:
Maoists ask UML to reconsider pull-out from govt: A day after the CPN-UML, humiliated in the April 10 polls, pulled out of the government citing that the mandate was against them staying in the government, CPN Maoist chairman Prachanda met the UML’s Madhav Kumar Nepal, who resigned from the General Secretary after the defeat, at the latter’s residence in Koteshwor today. During the half-an-hour long meeting Prachanda is learnt to have requested Nepal to join the new Maoist-led government to be formed soon. Following Prachanda’s request, Nepal said that the decision comes from the meeting of UML Standing Committee (politburo) adding the UML is committed to the seven-party unity. Continue reading Nepal Update: Today's Political Developments

Rumours In Kathmandu

This piece talks about rumours that are flowing through Kathmandu air in the past couple of days. These are not verified. Believe at your own risk.

If we are to believe one of those countless rumours that are flowing through the air of Kathmandu, Maoists will not lead the government. Maoists will not get majority in the CA (out of 602 seats) which means non-Maoist forces will be in majority in the CA. In that case, one can question, how can Maoists, who will be in minority, lead the government? What if all non-Maoists forces come together? Rumourmongers believe that such is the idea that is being quietly pushed by the countries that will have very difficult time in seeing a Maoist led government in Nepal. Continue reading Rumours In Kathmandu

YCL Continues Bullying Even as Maoist is Set to Lead the Govt.

Eye on Maoist: Even as the Maoist leadership that is set to lead the government and is struggling hard to convince the international community that they will accept multi-party competitive politics and is pledging to fully respect others’ rights; Maoist cadres on the ground continue with their old practices of bullying, intimidating and threatening those belonging to rival parties. Eye on Maoist is UWB’s new category in which we will keep track of all such activities of the Maoists because we believe that NOW they must change.

Maoist-affiliated Young Communist League (YCL) on Wednesday (16 April) barred Nepali Congress (NC) candidate under the proportional representation system Gagan Thapa and his team as they were traveling on a vehicle from going to Madanpur in Nuwakot district, where re-poll is scheduled for Thursday. Thapa and his team were forced to return to Kathmandu after being stopped at Kakani at about 8 pm. Continue reading YCL Continues Bullying Even as Maoist is Set to Lead the Govt.