My View of the Maoists…

…is completely apolitical. The word “Maoists” evokes in my mind, the picture of an entire group, that draws inspiration from the angry-young-man. There seems to be great loyalty and enthusiasm in the Maoists, but also a great deal of hostility. By Prateebha Tuladhar I have always found it intriguing how we call the Maoists “Maoists.”Continue reading “My View of the Maoists…”

Meeting Barack Obama: Nepal is a Beautiful Country!

I think part of the reason many of prominent leaders in Nepal lost in the April 10 CA election is they are not attached to the common people the way Barack Obama is. Letter from America By Deepak Adhikari It’s been more than a month I am in the US as an Alfred Friendly FellowContinue reading “Meeting Barack Obama: Nepal is a Beautiful Country!”

Nepal Update: Today's Political Developments

For the record: Maoists ask UML to reconsider pull-out from govt: A day after the CPN-UML, humiliated in the April 10 polls, pulled out of the government citing that the mandate was against them staying in the government, CPN Maoist chairman Prachanda met the UML’s Madhav Kumar Nepal, who resigned from the General Secretary afterContinue reading “Nepal Update: Today's Political Developments”

YCL Continues Bullying Even as Maoist is Set to Lead the Govt.

Eye on Maoist: Even as the Maoist leadership that is set to lead the government and is struggling hard to convince the international community that they will accept multi-party competitive politics and is pledging to fully respect others’ rights; Maoist cadres on the ground continue with their old practices of bullying, intimidating and threatening thoseContinue reading “YCL Continues Bullying Even as Maoist is Set to Lead the Govt.”