As Maoist Is Set To Lead the Govt, Nepal Army Says NO To PLA Integration

Update: Nepal Army has expressed its commitment to work under the direction of an elected government, whoever comes to power, reports Nepalnews. The army representative in Joint Monitoring Coordination Committee (JMCC) Shiva Pradhan is learnt to have said so during the meeting of the JMCC held Tuesday in the capital.

“It is entirely up to the political leadership. All we are saying is that the army has special characteristics. It must not be politicized.”- A Nepali Army spokesman

By Jay Shankar

Nepali Army said it will refuse to accept former communist rebels into its ranks while they remain “politically motivated and indoctrinated,”‘ a move that may delay the Himalayan nation’s peace process. “They cannot be integrated into the army as of now,” Ramindra Chhetri, director of army public relations, said in an interview in the capital, Kathmandu. “They need to be disarmed, de-mobilized, rehabilitated and reintegrated.” Continue reading As Maoist Is Set To Lead the Govt, Nepal Army Says NO To PLA Integration

While Congratulating Nepal for Historic Elections, United States is Silent About Maoist Victory

The following is the Press Statement issued by Sean McCormack, Spokesman of the US Department of State in Washington, DC on April 14, 2008

Nepal Elections: We congratulate the people of Nepal on their historic Constituent Assembly election on April 10. Although there was considerable violence and intimidation during the pre-election period, and some instances of voting irregularities on election day, Nepali voters were able to cast their ballots peacefully in most districts. Over the next days and weeks, as complete results of these polls become known, the United States urges patience and nonviolent observance of the democratic process. We look forward to the formation of an assembly that reflects the will of the Nepali people, ready to begin the important work of framing a constitution that addresses their needs.

For the record: Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), who appears to win majority in the CA, is still in USA’s list of foreign terrorist organizations