Need of the Hour for Nepal: A Complete End to the Maoist Intimidation

Today’s attack to Nepali Congress candidate Ram Sharan Mahat (more at the end of the post), first incident of Maoist highhandedness after their victory in the CA, is deplorable As the Maoist is readying itself to assume the leadership of the government that is to be formed by the Constituent Assembly, Nepali society and theContinue reading “Need of the Hour for Nepal: A Complete End to the Maoist Intimidation”

Let’s Give Maoist A Chance!

Maoists are winning the election. There are various reasons for that. The most prominent reason is people’s need for a change. They want something different. They have tried congress and they have tried UML. By Tilak KC in Bremen, Germany I am usually a political pessimist. I never thought that Maoist would come to dialoguesContinue reading “Let’s Give Maoist A Chance!”