Maoists Celebrate Victory: Jhakku Le Hanyo Chakku!

All photos by Wagle While one comrade’s Madal loudly sings, the other comrade’s guitar happily watches: A Maoist supporter plays guitar while the other waves his guitar on the air as some of their comrades sing songs making fun of CPN UML and its general secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal who was defeated by CPN Maoit’sContinue reading “Maoists Celebrate Victory: Jhakku Le Hanyo Chakku!”

International Accolades To Nepal Elections

Pics by Wagle Japanese members of Parliament Gaku Hashimoto (left), son of late former Japanese prime minister and a friend of Nepal Ryutaro Hashimoto, and Tadahiko Ito (middle) and Japanese ambassador to Nepal Tatsuo Mizuno (right) display their thumbs with “I-voted” marks on the nails at a press conference in Kathmandu yesterday. Both members ofContinue reading “International Accolades To Nepal Elections”

Results Are As Historic As Elections In Nepal

Dinesh Wagle Wagle Street Journal This has been a historical election in every sense. Honestly even the Maoists hadn’t thought that they would show such a robust performance throughout the country and win swiftly and convincingly like the way they are doing in various constituencies. Prachanda’s victory in Kathmandu-10 is one of the most spectacularContinue reading “Results Are As Historic As Elections In Nepal”

Nepal is Glued to Radios as Results of Maoist Victory Surprise Many (And Stun Some)

All photos by Wagle Click here for the story that I wrote in Kantipur Forget about pre-recorded stuffs, results are coming in live. Equipped with mobile phones, noodles in their bags and amazing level of energy and enthusiasm young reporters of dozens of radio stations across the country are continuously providing the latest figures ofContinue reading “Nepal is Glued to Radios as Results of Maoist Victory Surprise Many (And Stun Some)”