Election Day Violence: Where, What and How?

Voting postponed in seven polling centres: The Election Commission (EC) issuing a release today said that although voting has been going on in a peaceful manner across the country from 7 am in the morning, it was cancelled in polling centers in Janaki Secondary School and Sajhapur Secondary School at Meghauli of Chitwan district; Soharpur Primary School center in Siraha-2; Balara Secondary School center in Sarlahi-3 and Banauli VDC and Suga VDC center in Mahottari district. Polling has also been cancelled at Balkot centre in Arghakhanchi district after the Maoists reportedly tried to capture booth. Continue reading Election Day Violence: Where, What and How?


By Dinesh Wagle
Wagle Street Journal

It was a thrilling experience to vote after so many years. I came to this computer a few minutes ago after casting my vote in the historic elections of Constituent Assembly this morning. I had reached at the polling station in Gandhi Adarsha High School, a minute of walk from my home in Gothataar village of Kathmandu constituency 2, at 6:20 AM. That was 40 minutes ahead of the opening of the voting time at 7 AM. There were already about 50 people in the line! One guy came behind me with his identification card saying: I was eagerly waiting for the morning. My hand is itching. I want to vote! I will be voting after 16 years.

After standing in the queue for 40 minutes I went inside the polling station. There the lines got divided into three sections (six in total for males and females). As a result of this division I found myself standing in the third position! Cool!

Not only me but my octogenarian great grandfather was also queuing. I encountered my other family members who were entering into the polling station as I was exiting.

I found all people in the line very much excited about voting.

Many female voters were present at the polling stations. I sensed that many people wanted to vote early in the morning so that they could do other things in their homes during the day.

I plan to go to different parts of Kathmandu to see the voting process. As a matter of fact, as soon as posting this VOTE BLOG, I will be rushing towards Koteshwor and Tinkune and to the downtown Kathmandu.

If you are planning to vote, please don’t forget to carry your identification card. Plus, don’t get scared by the long queue. You have stood in line at theaters for tickets, haven’t you? This is far more important. Beyond comparison. Please go and do vote!