For the Record, from the Campaign Trail

Conducts against the election code of conduct: This ‘Constituent Assembly Member Election 2008 Observation Bulletin’ was prepared by the National Election Monitoring Alliance (NEMA) on April 3, 2008

1. Madheshi Jana Adhikar Forum (MJAF) cadres showed black flag and attacked the NC cadres led by Ms. Sujata Koirala on her way to door-to-door electoral canvassing at Bhantabari, Sunsary on April 3 2008. NC cadres Mr. Sokat Miya sustained with serious head injury and Mr. Sadam Miya’s leg is fractured. One security personnel was injured in the incident.

The above incident draws attention to following code of ‘The Code of Conduct on Election to Members of the Constituent Assembly 2007’:

Code No 33 – No person shall stop, detain or block any candidate from canvassing election for election by committing such acts as using or showing fear, threat or terror or intimidation or force nor shall do, or caused to be done, any act in such a manner as to cause direct or indirect impacting the election.

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Election News: Alcohol Banned in Kathmandu

Alcohol banned in public places in capital during election period Kathmandu District Administration Thursday banned the use and sale of alcohol in public places from April 7 to April 13 in light of the April 10 polls, reports eKantipur.. The administration made it clear that the public places include hotels, restaurants and shops as well. It has also prohibited anyone from carrying weapons including khukuris, vaalas and lathis and has forbidden any activities that may spread fear among the people during the election period. The district administration has warned that it will punish those who defy these laws. Continue reading Election News: Alcohol Banned in Kathmandu