Ian Martin Q&A in Biratnagar

Andrew MacGregor: Ladies and gentlemen, thanks very much for coming this afternoon. My name is Andrew MacGregor. I am the head of the Eastern regional office for UNMIN. I am delighted to welcome the Special Representative of the Secretary-General and the chief of UNMIN, Ian Martin, who arrived yesterday. We have been out in the field today. If I could hand over to Ian Martin.

Ian Martin: Good afternoon. The visit that I am on is a visit to three regions – the Eastern region, the Mid-Western and the Far-Western regions in order to discuss UNMIN’s work in the last two weeks before the Constituent Assembly election. Of course this trip was planned several days before Saturday’s terrible crime at the Sarauchiya Mosque here in Biratnagar. Before leaving Kathmandu yesterday I issued a statement of strong condemnation and of condolences. And I want of course to repeat here this afternoon condolences to the families of those who have lost their lives, or who are fighting for their life, and to those who are injured, and indeed to the Muslim community of Biratnagar. I very much hope that those who perpetrated this outrage will be quickly identified and brought to justice. And not only those who directly threw the bombs into the mosque, but also anyone who ordered or in any other way was responsible for that crime. Continue reading Ian Martin Q&A in Biratnagar