Tales of a Highway Driver in Karnali

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By Dinesh Wagle in Karnali Highway
Wagle Street Journal
Pics by Wagle

[This story appeared in today’s Kathmandu Post. Nepali version of the same appeared in today’s Koseli, Kantipur. Here is a journal from Dinesh Wagle’s previous journey in Karnali Highway: The Karnali Express: Bumping on for 52 Hours (Jumla to Surkhet)]

The boys of Manma village, Kalikot (also in the three photos below) with their toy-vehicles

On the bumpy Kalikot road, a tractor is moving to Jumla. The tractor, full of goods, is followed by four ‘mini trucks’ and ‘tractors’. Among the drivers, playing with a toy vehicle with a long steering is Prabal Bam, 13, and an eighth grader.

“I want to be a driver!” Prabal replied to a one of my humorous questions.

“A driver?” I’m perplexed. Continue reading Tales of a Highway Driver in Karnali

UNMIN Election Report No 1: Abide by the Election Code of Conduct

This report has been prepared by the United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN), in conjunction with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in Nepal. The United Nations was requested to assist in creating a free and fair atmosphere for the election of a Constituent Assembly, including through UNMIN’s monitoring of the ceasefire and the management of arms and armies and OHCHR’s human rights monitoring.

Conditions for Constituent Assembly election on 10 April 2008

Nepal is today better positioned than at any time since the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) in November 2006 to hold a credible Constituent Assembly election, a critical milestone in the peace process. Significant political hurdles that had seriously threatened to derail the process have been overcome, although not entirely removed. Continue reading UNMIN Election Report No 1: Abide by the Election Code of Conduct