Nepali Congress Manifesto: Executive Prime Minister, Ceremonial President, Parliamentary Supremacy

Republican Nepali Congress Thinks An Autocratic Person Born In A Feudal Family Can’t Be The Symbol Of National Unity In Nepal: “An inclusive and constitutional federal democracy will be the symbol of national unity, not a person or a position. Nepal would enter into a new era of national unity by electing the head of state through people’s representatives.”-Nepali Congress Manifesto

The Nepali Congress (NC), Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala’s Party that leads the ruling seven-party alliance, publicised its manifesto for the April 10 Constituent Assembly polls today proposing a prime ministerial system of governance in which the Prime Minister will have the executive powers while the President will be the ceremonial Head of State. The Head of State will be elected by the members of the central and federal parliaments. The manifesto has also emphasized parliament’s supremacy; the council of ministers will be fully accountable to the parliament.

The manifesto has proposed a three-tier- central, state and local – governance structure suggesting an integrated and sovereign federal republican Nepal. It has proposed an end to the existing unitary and centralized system of governance to go for autonomous federal states based on national integrity, geography, population, natural resources, economic viability, among others. The manifesto does not mention the number of such states to be formed. That will be decided by the Constituent Assembly on the basis of the report of the Recommendation Commission for Restructuring the State, the manifesto states.

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The manifesto has also proposed a central government and autonomous regional governments of different federal states. Similarly, there will be a bicameral parliament at the centre and a unicameral parliament in each federal state. Proposals to uplift the economic standard and utilization of water resources are also mentioned in the manifesto. NC has also proposed to make the Nepal Army inclusive and professional and to restructure the civil service and Nepal Police under a federal system.