Nepal: A Troubled State (Analyzing the Latest Turmoil)

Update: The government has taken back the decision to hike the fuel prices this afternoon. As soon as government decision reached the streets, the protests started to subside.

Empirical study method is used to prepare the following article, which tries to diagnose the current incidences, leading to public unrest and strike, of the past two days.

Contributed by: Bishnu Pathak, PhD and Chitra Niraula

The Interim Government (IG) hiked the price of petroleum products the third time, on January 21 implement with the effect of midnight, within six months. Kerosene price was raised from Nepali Rupees 51 to 61/liter, diesel from 56 to 61.30/liter and LPG from 1,100 to 1,250/14.2 kg cylinder. Petrol price was raised a couple of weeks back. The private petrol pumps procure (deposit the amount for) the petrol products and this sudden price raise has earned huge profit which is shared as the commission to concerned senior officials. The Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) has stated that there is a debit of NRs. 10 billion due to subsidy for the petroleum products. However, petroleum products are not easily available in the market; common people had to stand in queue for many hours to get a meager amount whereas the elites got through embezzlement. The LPG was available in general in black market. Continue reading Nepal: A Troubled State (Analyzing the Latest Turmoil)


CA Poll for Nationalism and Republic, That's Maoist Slogan for the Elections

Yes, Maoists have finalized their slogan for the CA polls, reports Ghanashyan Ojha in the Kathmandu Post

With just 71 days remaining for the Constituent Assembly (CA) poll, the CPN-Maoist has picked a poll slogan and decided to muster all its strength for the success of the poll. At the end of a three-day conference of party cadres, the Maoists selected “CA poll for nationalism and republic” and “CA poll for self-governing and people-oriented Nepal” as their main slogans for the election. Addressing the concluding session of the conference, Maoist Chairman Prachanda asked the party cadres to take the CA poll as another battle for the party. “Maoists have to take the responsibility of the country. We must secure a majority to transform the country into a new Nepal,” Prachanda told his party cadres. Maoist central leader Barsa Man Pun ‘Ananta’ said Prachanda also asked the cadres to focus on pro-people activities. “Your activities and behavior should win the hearts and minds of the people. Your organizations should be focused on the election,” Ananta quoted Prachanda as telling party cadres. Prachanda also asked the cadres not to engage in any activity that tarnishes the image of the party. “He (Prachanda) instructed them to sincerely honor the 23-point agreement,” Ananta said. Prachanda also asked the cadres to establish a working alliance with nationalist and republican forces at the local level. “Alliance with nationalist and republican forces is essential for the New Nepal,” Ananta quoted Prachanda as saying. Prachanda asked the party cadres to launch their election campaign across the country.

So This is Nepal: Protests Against Fuel Price Hike Continue

So this is the state of affairs in Kathmandu and rest of urban Nepal: Normal life in the capital and different parts of the country have been crippled on the second consecutive day (today) due the demonstrations staged by students, trade unionists affiliated to the ruling parties and even commoners to press the government to withdraw its Monday’s decision to hike the price of diesel, Kerosene and cooking gas. The vehicular movement in the capital and the Prithvi highway, main life line to the capital, was badly affected after the irate students and hooligans took out protest rallies and burnt tyres even at side roads since early morning. All the educational institutions of the valley remained closed. Likewise, different stretches of the East-West highway has been obstructed. The demonstrators have obstructed roads at Durbarmarg, Tinkune, Gausala, Naxal, Mitrapark, Lainchaur, Sitapaila, Banasthali, New Baneshwar, Bagbazar, Sallaghari in Bhaktapur and Patandhokha in Lalitpur and other thoroughfares in the Kathmandu Valley burning tires and putting hurdles of different kinds. Tri-Chandra Campus, Amrti Science Campus and many other colleges also saw similar kind of protests in this morning, said the police. Thousands of students and office goers were hit hard by the sudden strike.

Here is a report about yesterday’s protests: Protesting Fuel Price Hike: Mobs on the Streets

Kagbeni: Watching a Digital Nepali Film

Kagbeni undoubtedly will be marked as the trend-setting Nepali film but it could have been much better if the culture, tradition and lives of Nepalese of Kagbeni and surrounding were depicted too. [Ironically, I also found most teenagers attracted to ‘Kagbeni’ only because of the rumored love scene between the two lead actors.]

Samyam WagleBy Samyam Waglé

Eye on Kollywood:
Kagbeni undoubtedly will be marked as the trend-setting Nepali film. Bored with the usual taste of traditional styled Kollywood, this movie gives unique taste. Dialogues are easy-informal type, setting is where none other Nepali films have been shot- in the lap of Dhaulagiri, windy and cold Kagbeni, Marpha and Shyang. The film is revolutionary in every sense- first digitalized film in Kollywood, first film of director Bhusan Dahal and first for actors too. Based on the English thriller “The Monkey’s Paw” of WW Jacobs, the moral hits the hardest “Be Careful on what you wish for”. Continue reading Kagbeni: Watching a Digital Nepali Film