Will CA Elections be Held or Postponed for the Third Time?

Contributed by: Bishnu Pathak, PhD and Chitra Niraula

The concern of people of all strata in Nepal is whether the election of Constituent Assembly (CA) will be held on April or postponed again. There is a huge political dispute and debate going on among the political parties. The international community is also unsure of the condition and has taken the stand of ‘wait and see’. The civil society too is clinging to the thin thread of CA polls. The PM Girija Prasad Koirala was saying that he would resign if CA is not held and his basis to work would be finished 56 days prior to the first CA schedule (mid-June 2007). However, the Election Commission (EC) issued a statement that the polls would require 110 days for preparation and could not meet the deadline, which led to postponement for the first time. People believe that the statement was put forward through the EC because to save the image of NC (particularly the PM). The second date fixed was Nov 22, 2007, which was postponed because of the debates instigated by two issues raised by Maoists: declaration of republic and full proportionate electorate system. Continue reading Will CA Elections be Held or Postponed for the Third Time?


Palpasa Cafe in English

Saturday blog:

Three years after it was first published in Nepali and created history in the Nepali literary world by selling more than 5 thousand copies in the first few months, Narayan Wagle’s debut novel Palpasa Cafe came in English this past week (15 January). The book was translated by Bikash Sangraula. Since its release the book has been part of many merits including the highly prestigious literary award in Nepal– the Madan Puraskar. The book has also been credited to making young Nepali readers interested in Nepali literature. According to publication nepa~laya, the publishers, sales of Palpasa Café in Nepali has crossed 16,000 (out of printed 20,000) and has been amongst the most talked about book in contemporary Nepali literature of recent times. “I am glad my work will now reach a broader mass. I thank all those who made this book happen first in Nepali and then now in English.” says Narayan Wagle, the author of the book. The book comes in a freshly adapted cover, which still carries the original Palpasa Café image within. Palpasa Café in English is published by publication nepa~laya who are also the publishers of the original book.

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