Filthy Face of Koirala: Sujata in the Cabinet

Sujata Koirala is the female counterpart of Paras in Nepali Congress politics.

Girija Prasad Koirala, the octogenarian leader of the historic April 2006 revolution occasionally displays the wicked side of his face that is splashed with greed, hunger for power, nepotism and favoritism. Today we saw the same dirty face of the Prime Minister who expanded the cabinet to include, among others, his notoriously corrupt and reactionary daughter. I am appalled, frustrated and outright angry at Sujata Koirala’s inclusion in the cabinet. She has been given no portfolio but the responsibility to look after the Prime Minister’s office which means she will be the defacto prime minister of the country. It’s widely believed that Sujata was involved in several scams, particularly those in the national flag carrier Nepal Airlines (formerly known as RNAC) in the past when her father was the prime minister.

It’s believed that she is also involved in several under-the-table dealings and power games that are perpetrated under the shield of Koirala’s premiership. Politically, Sujata has been pushing for the reactivation of the 1990’s constitution that gives power to the king, now suspended and almost nullified by the current constitution as per the spirit of the April revolution. This appears to be power-hungry Koirala’s last ditch effort to promote his hereditary politics in the country. Sujata, who was married to and later divorced from one German Jost, is one fine example of spoilt child. Sujata is the equivalent of Paras, the notorious son of the suspended monarch Gyanendra. So, the choice is clear: Sujata must be dismissed from the post, before she takes oath, as we dismissed the Shah dynasty from the political map of this country.- By Wagle