Commander Ananta: Integrate Maoist Guerillas in Police

If not in national army, the Maoist commander says, integrate our guerillas in police or other security forces. Generals who were skeptics about including politically motivate cadres into the national ‘neutral’ organization will definitely welcome this.

This is indeed a very interesting statement coming out from a senior Maoist leader. Deputy Commander of the Maoist People’s Liberation Army (PLA), Barsha Man Pun aka Ananata, said the Maoists were flexible on the issue of integrating their combatants in the existing security forces like the army, police and armed police force. He said the Maoists were positive even about creating new force like a border security force or industrial security force. “But the spirit of the agreement is integration in the national army,” he said yesterday in an interaction program in Kathmandu. Pun also said the Maoists want a national security policy that determines the size of the nation’s security forces. “We know the nation cannot afford a huge security force and we also want to mobilize the maximum state resources for construction,” the PLA’s deputy commander said. “But a decision on downsizing the forces should be taken after serious discussion.” Continue reading Commander Ananta: Integrate Maoist Guerillas in Police