Maoist Campaigns and Elections Security Situation

Just because eight districts are having problems doesn’t mean rest of the 67 districts is deprived of the much needed democratic process. …if outfits that are terrorizing some parts of Terai don’t respond positively to the repeated calls for talks by the government the option of crushing them militarily should not be ruled out. ByContinue reading “Maoist Campaigns and Elections Security Situation” redirects here

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Nepal: A Troubled State (Analyzing the Latest Turmoil)

Update: The government has taken back the decision to hike the fuel prices this afternoon. As soon as government decision reached the streets, the protests started to subside. …………. Empirical study method is used to prepare the following article, which tries to diagnose the current incidences, leading to public unrest and strike, of the pastContinue reading “Nepal: A Troubled State (Analyzing the Latest Turmoil)”

CA Poll for Nationalism and Republic, That's Maoist Slogan for the Elections

Yes, Maoists have finalized their slogan for the CA polls, reports Ghanashyan Ojha in the Kathmandu Post With just 71 days remaining for the Constituent Assembly (CA) poll, the CPN-Maoist has picked a poll slogan and decided to muster all its strength for the success of the poll. At the end of a three-day conferenceContinue reading “CA Poll for Nationalism and Republic, That's Maoist Slogan for the Elections”

So This is Nepal: Protests Against Fuel Price Hike Continue

So this is the state of affairs in Kathmandu and rest of urban Nepal: Normal life in the capital and different parts of the country have been crippled on the second consecutive day (today) due the demonstrations staged by students, trade unionists affiliated to the ruling parties and even commoners to press the government toContinue reading “So This is Nepal: Protests Against Fuel Price Hike Continue”

Kagbeni: Watching a Digital Nepali Film

Kagbeni undoubtedly will be marked as the trend-setting Nepali film but it could have been much better if the culture, tradition and lives of Nepalese of Kagbeni and surrounding were depicted too. [Ironically, I also found most teenagers attracted to ‘Kagbeni’ only because of the rumored love scene between the two lead actors.] By SamyamContinue reading “Kagbeni: Watching a Digital Nepali Film”

Protesting Fuel Price Hike: Mobs on the Streets

Nepalis are the experienced lot when it comes to organizing the protest programs (which includes, in almost all cases, burning tires and halting traffic on the streets). As they say, if you want to do something well, you should enjoy the work. Nepalis enjoy while protesting. Take, for example, today’s protest against the government’s decisionContinue reading “Protesting Fuel Price Hike: Mobs on the Streets”