19,602: Number of Maoist Guerillas in the Cantonment

United Nations Mission to Nepal (UNMIN) Chief Ian Martin organized a press meet today in his office in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu to disclose the total numbers of UNMIN verified Maoist guerillas inside the cantonments.

• The corrected number of personnel registered in the first phase was 31,318. 18,923 of these personnel were verified in the second phase as members of the Maoist army.
• An additional 932 persons who had not been registered in the first phase were presented for the verification process in the second phase. 679 of this total were verified as members of the Maoist army.
• 8,640 personnel did not appear for verification interviews in the second phase and were automatically disqualified.
• 4,008 persons remain to be discharged from cantonments after the total of absentees has been taken into account. 2,973 of this total were assessed to be under the age of 18 on 25 May 2006.
• The full total verified as members of the Maoist army is thus 19,602, comprising 15,756 men and 3,846 women.

Below is a press statement read out by Ian Martin, Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General in front of journalists on 27 December 2007

We have distributed the statement of Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon issued yesterday in New York, welcoming the 23-point agreement reached by the Seven-Party Alliance. I myself already had the occasion to express an initial welcome for the agreement when we honoured members of the Interim Task Force in this building on Monday. Let me reiterate that welcome today. The parties to Nepal’s peace process asked for the assistance of the United Nations with a view to creating a free and fair atmosphere for the election of the Constituent Assembly, and the seven parties have now committed themselves to achieving this for an election before the end of the current Nepali year. Fulfilling this commitment is central to consolidating Nepal’s peace process and moving forward with the democratic transition. Continue reading 19,602: Number of Maoist Guerillas in the Cantonment