Political Memo: Leaders Still Bargaining

Even as the crucial meeting of the special session of the house is hours away, the leaders of the ruling alliance and the Maoist are failing to break the political deadlock that’s marring the politics of the country n the past several weeks. A meeting of the top leaders of the seven-party alliance (which includes the Maoists) today ended without any solid conclusion. Nepali Congress and its president Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala are firm on their stand that is against the Maoist motions of seeking a fully proportional representation system of voting for the Constituent Assembly (CA) elections and an immediate declaration of a republic. Today’s Kantipur has reported that the Maoists are softening their stand: going for mentioning the word republic in the constitution and agreeing to make the First Past Post voting method of the mixed electoral system more proportional. NC has shown its willingness to agree on this second option where as the fate of the first option still remains to be decided. Continue reading Political Memo: Leaders Still Bargaining