Referendum Politics: Revisiting Regression?

Referendum would be a step backward from where we are now and many steps backward from results of the Constituent Assembly elections.

By Dinesh Wagle
Wagle Street Journal

“Roop” and “saar” (appearance and essence) are the two words that comrade Prachanda loves using the most. Many might not instantly believe if I say the Maoist is a republican party only in roop. It’s the one force that is in essence, in the name of super leftist politics, providing breathing ground to the ailing monarchy. No one should be in doubt that the Maoists were the only force that was responsible for the postponement of the CA election slated for 22 November. They brought up the issues that were already agreed upon (proportional voting system and declaration of a republic) to derail the electoral process. Now they are bringing other non-issues as issues to undermine the prospects of any future Constituent Assembly elections. Talk of the town, suddenly, is the referendum on the fate of monarchy. In principle, no one can deny the democratic nature of the plebiscite but to talk about holding a referendum on monarchy at this point in time would be nothing but provide a life to 240 year old feudal institution. Continue reading Referendum Politics: Revisiting Regression?