Thanks To Maoists, Constituent Assembly Election Postponed Again

No new date has been fixed. The Election Commission alone does not have the right to fix a new date.

In a very sad political development in Nepal, the Election Commission today suspended the entire process of Constitution Assembly elections scheduled for 22 November after it received a request this morning from the government to do so. The government, on its part, decided to request the Commission after the alliance of seven parties decided to postpone the electoral process. The seven party alliance (that includes the Maoist) decided to postpone the election programs after the Maoists expressed their unwillingness to participate in the election (without first declaring Nepal a republic and/or adopting full proportional voting system) in a meeting of the seven parties held at Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala’s residence at Baluwatar this morning. The Election Commission that had completed all preparations for the elections thanked all political parties, leaders, the media, the general public and international community for extending their support during commission’s preparation work for the polls. Continue reading Thanks To Maoists, Constituent Assembly Election Postponed Again