Free Press Vs Maoists: Updates on Kantipur Struggle

Journalists and members of civil society in New Baneshwor before starting a protest rally against Maoist intimidation. Kantipur, TKP publication obstructed in Bharatpur again: Today’s (3 Oct) western regional editions of Kantipur and The Kathmandu Post dailies couldn’t be published on the second consecutive day. read here Govt vows to punish those involved in attackContinue reading “Free Press Vs Maoists: Updates on Kantipur Struggle”

Nepali Monks Rally For Burmese Pals

Images from a rally in Kathmandu participated by Nepali monks and human rights activists against autocracy in Burma. They demanded immediate release of Burmese monks detained inside the monasteries by the Burmese army junta. They also demanded restoration of democracy and freedom of expression in Burma. They expressed full solidarity with the ongoing democratic movementContinue reading “Nepali Monks Rally For Burmese Pals”