Maoist Trade Union's Naked Intervention in Kantipur Publications

Nepal’s largest independent publishing house that publishes two biggest newspapers is the latest target of the CPN Maoist

Today’s issues of Kantipur and the Kathmandu Post are without a single advertisement. This is unusual given the fact that Kantipur, Nepal’s largest paper, attracts many pages of advertisements daily in normal circumstances. But yesterday Maoist affiliated trade union blocked the collection and publication of the ads in the papers in their efforts to bring the independent media in their terms in the name of the movement for increase in salary and other benefits. A few months ago, they did the similar act and both papers were forced to publish without a single piece of advertisement. At that time it was not reported in the papers because the management of Kantipur Publications, publisher of Kantipur and the Post, were engaged in talks. On that night, the agitating pro-Maoist workers allowed the printing and participated in the printing process on the 12th hour as the management took the paper in the press in their effort to print the paper ignoring the agitating workers. Continue reading Maoist Trade Union's Naked Intervention in Kantipur Publications