The Yoga Mystery: Ram Dev's Nepal Trip

Yoga Ram Dev in Nepal

It was supposed to be a strictly yoga affair. But it turned out to be more than that when police requested the Indian yoga teacher Ram Dev to cancel his class that was scheduled to start yesterday. The yoga sessions resumed today morning after Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula inaugurated. (Pics by Shaligram Tiwari via Kantipur)

We saw a drama yesterday evening as security officials poorly handled the situation that was created after the cancellation. A minister in the cabinet, Rajendra Mahato of Sadbhavana Party Anandidevi, speaking at a press conference along with Ram Dev and other representatives of Nepali political parties, offered apologies to the Yoga instructor for the cancellation. Both the apology and Home Minister’s inauguration were unnecessary and unwarranted. Continue reading The Yoga Mystery: Ram Dev's Nepal Trip