PLA Integration Will Turn Maoist a Regular Party

As we are heading towards republic before CA polls, the integration of PLA should be expedited to turn the Maoist into a ‘regular’ political party.

All developments are indicating that we are heading towards the declaration of republic before Constitution Assembly elections slated for November 22. In a meeting of top leaders of eight political parties yesterday, Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala who is also the president of Nepali Congress party is said to have told the Maoist Chairman Prachanda to wait until September 24. Nepali Congress has called for the Mahasamiti meeting on 23 that is expected to formally adopt the republic policy. [PM Koirala] said he will be able to take crucial political decision after the Mahasamiti meeting,” said Maoist leader Dev Gurung who took part in the meeting, according to the Kathmandu Post. Gurung also said that Maoist will wait for the NC Mahasamiti meeting. Nepali Congress Democratic has also called for their Mahasamiti meeting on September 25-26 to opt the republic policy. With those two decisions, all parties in the EPA will have republic agenda which will create favorable environment for the alliance to declare Nepal a republic in the parliament. Continue reading PLA Integration Will Turn Maoist a Regular Party