A Day After: Maoist No Confidence Against Prime Minister?

A day after the Maoist’s withdrawal from the government, there was no improvement in solving the crisis

It was not surprising that the Maoist central secretariat meeting held today in the residence of chairman Prachanda approved the party’s decision to quit the government. But some reports say the meeting also talked about tabling a no confidence motion in the parliament against Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala. Before that, they will have to ask for the special session of the parliament. Krishna Bahadur Mahara, who was appointed the spokesman by the same meeting, said that they are demanding the special session to voice their concerns there. The same Maoist meeting also decided to strengthen the Eight Party Alliance. Maoists are full of contradictions these days.

Meanwhile, the Eight Party Alliance meeting held in Prime Minister’s official residence today couldn’t produce a joint statement. Nepali Congress and CPN UML requested the Maoists to reconsider their decision to quit the government. This request was not only futile but useless give the fact that politics is not the game of emotion. But the impacts of the bad politics are always on the personal level. Hopes are shattered, people become frustrated.

Many people are speculating about the coming days. Many believe the future of CA is under cloud. Some say the Maoists will eventually join the electoral process and use the polls as the continuation of their movement so that they could garner more support and votes from people. Some say the parliament will declare republic which will bring the Maoist into the electoral process. The worst case scenario would be Maoists abandoning the peace process altogether, something that Maoists reject outright. If they indeed leave the cantonments, this government will have to use force (Nepali Army) against them. And the happiest man would be Gyanendra Shah, the suspended king. That would signal the beginning of the end of democratic achievements that the country has seen so far.