The Day That Was: 22-point Bargaining

Maoists have announced to get out of the government tomorrow. Intense negotiations today were kind of inconclusive but something concrete might come by tomorrow morning which will give reason to Maoist to continue their presence in the cabinet and start the CA elections campaigns. A look into the day’s happenings:

It was a day of intense negotiations and bargaining in Kathmandu today as top leaders of various political parties were engaged in solving the latest political problem in Nepal. Those involved in the talks were mainly from Nepali Congress, CPN Maoist and CPN UML. And there was one ‘surprise’ personality who emerged as the mediator between NC (the Prime Minister) and CPN M (the Chairman- Prachanda) and ruled the FM and TV stations today. The semi-underground general secretary of CPN (Unity Center) Prakash (formal name: Narayan Kaji Shretha) met both top leaders, conveyed one’s message to the other and tried to bring both in an agreeable position. He was in Nepal FM, he was in Kantipur FM, he was in Kantipur TV and he was in BBC Nepali Service briefing reporters with his opinionated updates on the day’s development. Continue reading The Day That Was: 22-point Bargaining