The Kapilbastu Incident

By the Maoist or those who want to defame the former rebels and/or create communal tension in the area?

It all seems like a purely criminal incident: Two unidentified persons came on a motorcycle in Birpur village at around 8:30 am and shot dead Mohit Khan, former chairman of the district vigilante group set up against the Maoists during the armed conflict. The situation became tense as supporters of Khan started protesting and that turned violent prompting authorities to clamp curfew in Kapilvastu from 1:30 pm. But here is the political angle:

The Maoists had organized a weeklong strike (bandh) in the district three months back demanding relocation of a security base camp set up at Khan’s brother’s house. And some pro-Khan demonstrators reportedly claimed that the two involved in Khan’s killing were Maoist cadres. Continue reading The Kapilbastu Incident

Sinister South: Interference in Nepal

Some reports about Indian inference might be over hyped and exaggerated but no one can deny that Indians do have their sinister intentions in Nepali politics and society.

“Prime Minister Says: ‘Nepal’s Independence At Risk.’ After all from whom?”

That’s the title at the cover of Nepal Magazine this week. The magazine has the answer in the cover story which is not new: There is a long history of China, the nation beyond Himalayas, not interfering in Nepal. United Stats also doesn’t have the same political clout here that India that shares borders on three sides of Nepal has. If any foreign power that has traditional influence in every sector including Nepal’s political forces, media, civil society and professional, it’s the southern neighbor. That’s why it’s not hard to understand that Prime Minister Koirala’s signal is pointed towards that.

Six ousted contestants of an Indian TV singing talent show performed in Pulchok yesterday providing entertainment to a few thousand people present there. The crowd enjoyed the show. At the same time, a top Indian official- Shiv Shankar Menon- was engaged in ‘serious’ talks with several top political leaders in Kathmandu that was definitely not as enjoyable like the musical show. It was rather humiliating and depressing because the Indian establishment was engaged in blatant interference in Nepali state affairs. Continue reading Sinister South: Interference in Nepal