Nepali Congress For Federal Democratic Republic Nepal

Nepali Congress, Nepal’s ruling, biggest and one of the oldest political party goes for federal democratic republic making it almost certain that monarchy will formally be abolished in Nepal in the next few months.

By Dinesh Wagle

It’s been quite a while I haven’t used the term historic in my writings recently but to continue with that for long time in these times in Nepal is very difficult. Something historical is happening in Nepali Congress, the biggest party of Nepal whose President is also the Prime Minister and officiating head of state. The Central Working Committee of Nepali Congress today adopted, in principle, the policy of federal democratic republic (sangiya loktantrik ganatantra) in Nepal. A team led by central member Chakra Prasad Bastola to draft the Constituent Assembly election manifesto for the party had presented the draft for discussion in the CWC today. The CWC meeting held at the Prime Minister’s official residence at Baluwatar endorsed the proposal following almost nine hours long heated discussion on the proposal.

[“The main thing is that the CWC has agreed in principle to a federal republican state structure and multi-party democratic system of governance stipulated in the draft of the manifesto that we have finalized today,” said Arjun Narsingh KC, the party’s member of the manifesto drafting committee. “We will now solicit suggestions from the party’s sister fronts in the run up to the Maha Samiti.”] Continue reading Nepali Congress For Federal Democratic Republic Nepal