Terror Strikes Kathmandu: Bombs Explode in Five Places

“Two died: Police”

Two innocent people are confirmed dead in a series of bomb explosions in three busy public areas of Kathmandu city. More than 25 people have been injured, 10 of them serious. Bombs exploded simultaneously in three separate places- Tripureshwor, Kalimati and Balaju- at around 4:30 PM this afternoon. According to Avenues TV, a previously little heard terror outfit Terai Tiger has taken responsibility of the blasts. A reporter of the TV station said from Rhautahat that the organization called him to take responsibility of the blasts. Sagarmatha TV is also reporting that two other bombs have blasted in Sundhara and Kirtipur. Bombs exploded in a public vehicle in Balaju. All passengers, except the driver and his assistant, were injured in the powerful blast that destroyed the vehicle. Another bomb went off in Tripureshwor’s World Trade Center where most of the injured were students from nearby school. These strikes come at a time when the nation is gearing up for the Constituent Assembly elections that is scheduled to be held in less than 80 days.

Recent: Nepali Congress leader Arjun Narsingh KC, after visiting the hospital where injured are being treated, said: This is a terrorist activity and a conspiracy to derail the election of Constituent Assembly and against the democratic achievements that the country has seen so far.