Update on Nepal Politics: Maoist Drama and Election Schedule

election_program_1.jpg ब्लगमान्डू: संविधान सभा चुनावका लागि शर्त राख्दै माओवादीले गरेको अपील

Click on the pic to see the poll Schedule 1 and here is Schedule 2

This and the past week are witnessing interesting developments on the political front. The Maoist drama and its confusing and contradictory statements regarding elections have overshadowed the past several days. Amid all the uncertainties the election commission publicized the schedule of the Constituent Assembly polls that has helped to propel the election electin politics to new height. Then one UN honcho says he thinks elections are possible on November 22 which is also a matter of satisfaction. Also comes the news that the cabinet on Monday (20 Aug) has decided to nationalize within 15 days the property of the late King Birendra and his family and property inherited by King Gyanendra. Decided? Didn’t the government decide to do the same months ago? Still better to be optimistic and we are thiking positive. Here is the roundup of key headlines (and leads) of the past few days just in case if you have missed them:

Maoist U-turns on poll pre-conditions continue

KATHMANDU, Aug 20- The CPN Maoist renewed its call for a republic and a proportional election system as pre-conditions for the Constituent Assembly (CA) polls. However, in an ironic twist, Maoist Chairman Prachanda has issued a press statement floating a 22-point pre-requirement proposal to “ensure” that the CA polls are held on November 22. Prachanda has warned of strong protests including ‘people’s action’, ‘political’ strikes and public meetings in case there is no action on the 22-point proposal. The two Maoist pre-conditions – declaration of a republic before going for elections and a proportional election system – are not new and were incidentally already decided upon by an eight-party meet long ago. The EPA had decided in favor of a mixed election system and finalizing the fate of the monarchy at the fist meeting of the constituent assembly. (continue reading this article here or click on More read rest of this blog post) Continue reading Update on Nepal Politics: Maoist Drama and Election Schedule