Maoists Must Not Fear Election

The Maoist party must unconditionally commit itself to the process of election. It shouldn’t not run away from the democratic process in whatever excuses

Constituent Assembly Football Cup
Referee: Election Commission
Okay, get ready!

Cartoon by Batsyayana via Kantipur

It’s very disturbing and disappointing that the Maoists are becoming increasingly uncommitted towards the CA election at a time when there are less than 100 days remaining for the democratic process. It’s shocking that Prachanda, the Maoist supremo, couldn’t express unconditional commitment to the election that’s scheduled for November in a high-level meeting of eight ruling parties yesterday. Is the Maoist party afraid of the voting process? It clearly seems so. Maoists are trying to running away from the election blaming the possible disturbance that might be created by the anti-election groups or people. While doing so, Maoists have forgotten that it is their duty, as pro-election group, to fight with those in the campaign who don’t want election to happen. Deserting the battlefield is not an option. Continue reading Maoists Must Not Fear Election