Remote Nepal Speaks: Young Voice of Karnali

A political discourse with the students of Karnali Technical Institute in Jumla, one of the most remote districts in Nepal

“We need the President in Nepal. Tomorrow Karnali might give birth to a child with the capacity to become the President of the country. That’s why the top post of the country should not be reserved for one certain family. All people should get opportunity to reach there.” Pics by Wagle

By Dinesh Wagle
Wagle Street Journal

KTS (Jumla)- It’s not easy to follow the politics of Kathmandu from this remote corner but the students of Karnali Technical School (KTS) discuss about the current affairs as and when they get time from their study. Youngsters from various districts attend the school, first of its kind in Nepal that was opened to provide technical education to those who are unable to go college, but in today’s discussion (with Katnipur) 12 students representing five districts of Karnali zone, one of the most backward regions in the country, are present. The topic: Politics, Constituent Assembly elections and the dreams of Karnali. Continue reading Remote Nepal Speaks: Young Voice of Karnali

Unifying Nepal via Marriage: Pahade Wives and Madhesi Hubbies

At a time when some people are trying to create rift between the Madhesi and Pahadi (lowland-hills) communities in Nepal, we look at some exemplary personal stories and marital bond between folks from Madhes and Pahad.

Sanjib Mishra and singer Nalina Chitrakar

By Deepak Adhikari

Sanjib Mishra, executive director of Urban Pixel had not set foot in Balari in Sarlahi district for three years. Three months ago, he went to the district headquarters Malangawa to attend a relative’s wedding. While driving to his hometown, a strike called by the Chure Bhawar Ekata Samaj forced him to postpone his journey. He had to leave his four-wheel drive behind at Hetauda and get to Sarlahi via Raxaul, India. When Sanjib married Nalina Chitrakar, a Newari girl and one of Nepal’s top pop stars, in 2003, he received many congratulations. Their son, Sakchham, is now a twenty-one month old toddler and times have changed.

Almost as soon as the decade long bloody Maoist conflict ended, the country was plunged into another crisis. The news of violence and counter violence coming from the southern plains hurts both Sanjib and Nalina. Nalina, who dislikes the way the Madhesis are treated in Kathmandu and is writing a song about the harmony among the people of Madhesh (plains) and Pahad (hills). Continue reading Unifying Nepal via Marriage: Pahade Wives and Madhesi Hubbies