Remote Nepal Speaks: Young Voice of Karnali

A political discourse with the students of Karnali Technical Institute in Jumla, one of the most remote districts in Nepal “We need the President in Nepal. Tomorrow Karnali might give birth to a child with the capacity to become the President of the country. That’s why the top post of the country should not beContinue reading “Remote Nepal Speaks: Young Voice of Karnali”

Unifying Nepal via Marriage: Pahade Wives and Madhesi Hubbies

At a time when some people are trying to create rift between the Madhesi and Pahadi (lowland-hills) communities in Nepal, we look at some exemplary personal stories and marital bond between folks from Madhes and Pahad. Sanjib Mishra and singer Nalina Chitrakar By Deepak Adhikari Sanjib Mishra, executive director of Urban Pixel had not setContinue reading “Unifying Nepal via Marriage: Pahade Wives and Madhesi Hubbies”