Another Devilry of Young Criminal League (Maoist)

The latest rascality of the Maoist youth wing proves that the Maoists are afraid of participating in the free and fair CA elections.

The Dolakha incident: In a display of outright hooliganism, the Maoist-affiliated Young Communist League cadres beat up Chief District Officer (CDO) Uddhav Bahadur Thapa after barging into the District Administration Office (DAO) in Charikot on Sunday (29 July). The administration imposed a 5:30 pm to 5 am curfew in the district headquarters. CDO Thapa has been injured on his right eye. After YCL cadres began punching Thapa indiscriminately, Maoist district in-charge ‘Bishwa’ and another district committee member intervened and stopped YCL cadres. Over two dozen Maoist cadres and six policemen were injured as the two sides engaged in clashes when police tried to prevent the unruly mob from breaking into the office. They hurled brickbats and stones at the DAO smashing most of the windowpanes. Police fired over a dozen rounds into the air and dozens of tear gas shells to disperse the angry mob of YCL cadres, who had showed up at the DAO demanding the release of their local leader Bishal Khadka. Before their violent act at the DAO, the berserk group had taken out a motorcycle rally here. Continue reading Another Devilry of Young Criminal League (Maoist)