Job in Nepal Police, Duty in a Corner

Thanks to the ongoing peace process in the country, police have returned to villages to provide sense of security to people. By Dinesh Wagle Chautha (Jumla): In an evening a week ago, beautiful tune resonating to that of a mouth harp was heard in this corner of a remote village of Jumla that doesn’t receiveContinue reading “Job in Nepal Police, Duty in a Corner”

Hari Bahadur Rokaya Up Close and Personal

Inside the room (and mind) of a world record holder Nepali athlete who dreams to produce players like him from his remote locale By Dinesh Wagle Khalanga Bazaar (Jumla): It’s absolutely fine if you feel like running (not running away) on entering this room of a house situated in the lower neighborhood of the bazaar.Continue reading “Hari Bahadur Rokaya Up Close and Personal”