Nepalis' Nightmare in the Gulf

Kicked out by Qatar, Nepalis greeted with animal treatment in Bahrain. A firsthand experience of a young Nepali student returning from America

By Tulsi Bhandari

Last month, Nepal’s newspapers were awash with reports of hundreds of Nepali workers in Qatar being driven from the country for demanding better pay from their employers. When I was on my way home from the United States, I was a witness to a harsh reality: the Gulf Airlines staffers treating their customers – the deported Nepalis – like animals in a dingy hell called Bahrain, where I had my stopover before flying to Kathmandu.

When I arrived at the Bahrain International Airport after about 14 hours of flight from New York, I was told that the flight to Kathmandu had been delayed for about six hours. I was taking rest in a tiny room, while, at the same time, observing peoples outside.

The desperate situation of the passengers waiting for their flights was pathetic. I talked with a few people, and listening to their stories wasn’t easy. Some had been stranded there for more than three days. I was quite keen to meet a few Nepalis, but listening to their stories made me furious. Continue reading Nepalis' Nightmare in the Gulf