Nepali Politics: In Defense of the "Non-intellectual"

By Dr Pramod Dhakal

The English-educated and Internet savvy Nepalese have started a number of mailing lists that pour emails at a rate that there are not enough hours in the day to read them all. Involved in these groups are some self proclaimed “intelligent” and “educated” cyber-friends who love to edify the self. Although they mostly do superficial and self-serving discussions on the name of the people and “the motherland”, still I go there to get some fodder for the brain when the mind wants a break from usual work. While doing so, I came across some pitiful emails proclaiming a survey about the “uneducated” and “unintelligent” politicians of Nepal. However, despite my strong grievances towards the failed leaders, I found the kind of criticism done by these propagandist friends to be in poor taste. Therefore, I would like to write some words in defense of those politicians and to point out the hollowness of the thoughts of our “intelligent” friends.

Before going to the subject matter, however, I must also tell that I find Nepal’s old political leadership lacking vision and wisdom, predisposed to corruption and ineptitude, attached to power, and holding sway in the parties, and the country, due to a culture of impunity in the parties and in the government. At the same time, it would be unfair to ignore their contributors to the positive developments that have happened from the time of signing the 12 Point Agreement of November 22, 2005 to the formation of interim government of April 1, 2007, which has presented a new opportunity to build democracy, peace and security in Nepal. Therefore, they deserve their fair share of credit along with all the criticisms that they have earned. Continue reading Nepali Politics: In Defense of the "Non-intellectual"