Newspaper Closure: Maoist Madness

Nepal Samacharpatra daily is closed: The Maoists should understand that, though very young compared to the world journalism, Nepali media have gone through variety of tough tests and their effort to intimidate the critical journalism will be proved to be futile. By Dinesh Wagle Some reporters, proof readers and desk editors wait for vans toContinue reading “Newspaper Closure: Maoist Madness”

Jimmy Carter Came, Talked, Smiled and Went (Thanks Mr President!)

Here is the statement by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter made on June 16, last of his four-day trip to Nepal I’m happy to be back in Nepal and to be briefed by The Carter Center’s long-term observers, political leaders, marginalized groups, and election officials here. I admire deeply what’s been accomplished by the peopleContinue reading “Jimmy Carter Came, Talked, Smiled and Went (Thanks Mr President!)”

Monarchy Can Be Abolished in Nepal, Constitutionally!

The Lead: Now parliament can remove the monarchy by a two third majority if it finds the 240 year old feudal institution meddling with the election of constitution assembly election. The parliament yesterday passed a bill that has amended the constitution and added the new provision on monarchy. The Maoist has been demanding that theContinue reading “Monarchy Can Be Abolished in Nepal, Constitutionally!”

Moriarty Musing: Bye Bye Nepal But I couldn't Shake Prachanda's Hand…

…because of Pushpa Dahal’s failure- and his party’s failure- to renounce violence. Speech by U.S. Ambassador James F. Moriarty To Friends and Supporters of the Community Information Center, Pokhara on June 12, 2007Shangri-La Hotel, Pokhara Thank you all very much for coming today. It is a pleasure to be back in Pokhara again. Soon IContinue reading “Moriarty Musing: Bye Bye Nepal But I couldn't Shake Prachanda's Hand…”

Nepal Comment: Catch Phrases and Road to Nowhere

By Chattra Bahadur The catch phrases in Nepal change frequently. Usually, metamorphosis is almost invisible; however, it spreads uncontrollably like a wildfire. The media, knowingly and/or unknowingly, creates frenzy. We are instantly consumed by the season’s catch phrase and our reactions are often extreme, defying any logic and reaching a point of insanity. Then, weContinue reading “Nepal Comment: Catch Phrases and Road to Nowhere”

YCL, Sita Ram Prasain and Anger of Girija Koirala

The government of Girja Prasad Koirala is responsible to the YCL action against currupt and bank defaulter Sita Ram Prasain Sitaram Prasain in Tundikhel on Monday (4 June). Pic by Shaligram Tiwari via Kantipur Many of us have been asking this question since the day before yesterday when we knew that the YCL “arrested” SitaContinue reading “YCL, Sita Ram Prasain and Anger of Girija Koirala”

Wassup Gyanendra? Latest on Activities of “King”

So what is the king doing at a phase when constitutionally speaking, the monarchy is practically in a state of suspension? By Tilak Pathak Fate handed Gyanendra a windfall opportunity of becoming king of Nepal twice: In 1950 and yet again in 2001. The first time, he was enthroned for three months, a child-king withoutContinue reading “Wassup Gyanendra? Latest on Activities of “King””