Moriarty Musing: Bye Bye Nepal But I couldn't Shake Prachanda's Hand…

…because of Pushpa Dahal’s failure- and his party’s failure- to renounce violence.

Speech by U.S. Ambassador James F. Moriarty To Friends and Supporters of the Community Information Center, Pokhara on June 12, 2007Shangri-La Hotel, Pokhara

Thank you all very much for coming today. It is a pleasure to be back in Pokhara again. Soon I will depart Nepal, after completing my three-year assignment as Ambassador here. I love Nepal and its people. My wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed the privilege of living among you, enjoying your culture, and making many new friends.

Concerns for the future

It is because of my own personal admiration for Nepal, and my country’s interest in your successful democratic transition, that I came to speak with you today. I am concerned about the future of Nepal.

This year can be a turning point for Nepal. A successful Constituent Assembly election, carried out in a free and fair manner, should prove a giant step forward in the establishment of a peaceful, prosperous, and democratic Nepal. That is the hope of the Nepali people. That is the goal of American foreign policy in Nepal. Indeed, my Embassy has been working hard over the past year to support your election. We will continue to do this, especially now that the Government of Nepal has decided to hold the election in Mangsir [mid-November to mid-December]. Nepal has many friends and admirers in the United States, all of whom want to see Nepalis decide their own future through a free and unfettered democratic election. Former President Jimmy Carter is one of these friends, and, as some of you know, he is visiting Nepal for three days beginning tomorrow.

The promise of a peaceful, prosperous, and democratic Nepal is, however, in danger. These threats are growing; we read about them every day in the newspapers. Maoist Young Communist League cadre kidnap businessmen and attack political leaders from other parties during their meetings. JTMM cadres confiscate private property in the Terai and kill locals. The list of these crimes is long and growing. Continue reading Moriarty Musing: Bye Bye Nepal But I couldn't Shake Prachanda's Hand…