Loktantra and Ground Reality

In view of these unwarranted events, for average Nepalese, a change in political leadership and declaration of Loktantra is yet to bear any significant fruit.

By Chattra Bahadur

Officially Baisakh 11, 2064 was declared as Loktantra Diwas and the celebrations were spread over three days. The leaders of major political parties took an opportunity to self-congratulate on this occasion. There was usual rhetoric of achievements and what future holds. They didn’t forget to exorcise evil spirits of ‘regressive’ and ‘reactionary’ forces, and also made the Nepalese aware that they are doing their best to keep these demons away. Their voices grew bolder and shriller when they vowed that they won’t let these dead demons rise from the grave. Of course, they promised to uphold the dreams of martyrs by clinging on to the power no-matter-what-may-come and as-long-as-possible till they fulfill the martyrs’ dreams. The only issue that didn’t find any mention is the current situation and possible strategies to overcome it. Perhaps, strong commitment and over-emphasis on immediate declaration of republic state was thought as a panacea of all ills in the short-run and the long-run.

The civic society and human-rights activists, who had been associate and collaborator of the political parties during Loktantric movement in April previous year, did not find any significant reason to share the same enthusiasm as the political parties did. They had a rather long list of aggravations, allegations and complaints. They unequivocally expressed dismay at the political brinkmanship of the coalition partners, instead of moving united towards the agreed-upon goal of holding the Constituent Assembly elections at the earliest to create ‘new’ Nepal and equitable society. In the end, they issued stern warning to initiate and lead Janandolan III if the political parties continued to ignore the ‘people’s mandate’ of Janandolan II. Continue reading Loktantra and Ground Reality