Deferral of the CA Elections: Pragmatic Decision or Political Crisis?

By Prakash Bom

What is the primary objective of the CA Elections? Are political leaders clear about it? If so, have they made it clear to their party cadres and their supporters in general public?

CA elections are the elections that all political parties of the nation and the general public must be aware of their urgency with clear objective for building a democratic nation– ‘a new democratic Nepal’. This is the mandate of the people’s movements and the aspiration of people that no political party can overrule it.

The ‘Constitution’ that will be drafted for the new democratic Nepal must guarantee the ‘Civil Liberty’, ‘Civil Rights’ and ‘Human Rights’ of people, and the ‘National Integrity’ of Nepal. The general voters must be acquainted about the objectives of the CA elections. Campaigns for CA elections should not only be the campaigns of political parties but also of all Nepali people who trust in electoral (competitive) process of democracy.

The other question has come up for the Republic setup with the failure of the institution of the monarchy. The majority of the political party leaderships and cadres are aware of this choice. This change has come about with the aspiration of the majority of people for the republic. Should the CA elections make this decision for the nation or the Interim Parliament? The nation now needs immediate attention.

SPA leaderships in the government have failed with the lack of vision and the justice over the national crises. People were worried, especially those who were marginalized by the current governance structure and practice. Therefore with the questions of the restructuring the nation people have come up with the demand of federal structures that will give people the opportunity for the direct participations in nation building process with the electoral rights for ‘self-governance’. If the political leaderships had the vision for the nation; if the elites were honest with their knowledge and experience; the federalism could have been the need of the time for the nation building mechanism. Continue reading Deferral of the CA Elections: Pragmatic Decision or Political Crisis?