CA Election Uncertainty: Maoist Reaction

In protest of the Chief Election Commissioner’s announcement that Constituent Assembly (CA) polls on June 20 was not possible, Maoist combatants in Chitwan and Nawalparasi came out of their cantonments yesterday. In Chitwan, Maoist combatants of third division main cantonment in Shaktikhor, came out of their camps to protest the postponing of CA polls. According to ‘Abiral’, Maoists’ spokesperson of the camp, some 4,000 combatants participated in protest programs. However, 2,000 combatants stayed back to guard the camp, he said. Likewise, combatants of neighboring satellite camps of Dinesh-Ramji and Kalyan-Anish Memorial brigade also took out similar protest rallies. The joint rallies passed through the market places of Jutpani, Chainpur, Birendranagar and Pithuwa VDCs before converging in a corner meet. “We came without our party’s prior consent,” said commander Bibidh, adding, “We will be forced to leave the camps if the problems worsen.” (more here)Pic by Binod Tripathi

In blatant breach of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement to which they are a party, Maoists have started opening offices under their United Revolutionary People’s Council (URPC), a body parallel to local state institutions, in Lekhnath Municipality of Kaski. Despite their party’s decision to scrap all units of their parallel government, Maoist cadres have reactivated opening such offices in different wards of the municipality. According to local cadres, their party (including Maoist Ministers) has directed them to launch a nationwide campaign for opening such council offices. They also said the party’s central committee has directed them to open “parallel offices” at par with government offices at district, municipality and village levels. In the photo above, Biswo Prakash Baral, member of the city committee of the Maoist in Lekhnath Municipality of Kaski district, puts a signboard in their office on Ward number 4 of the municipality. Maoist area No-4 in-charge of the municipality “Darshan” said, “We will be opening ward, municipality and district level offices much the same as the government. We plan to open our offices adjoining government offices.” Pic by Ishwori Neupane Continue reading CA Election Uncertainty: Maoist Reaction