First Day of the Year 2064. But Jumla Shines!

The uncertainty over the CA elections and reactions to that decision of the Election Commission dominated the first day of the year in Nepal. Reaction from political parties are coming one after another regarding the Election Commissions expression of inability to hold election on stipulated time (June 20). Sher Bahadur ‘Royalist’ Deuba is one of the first to welcome it publicly though many others must have done so privately. Maoists are suspicious about the whole affair and but it has been understood that they knew it was coming. They see that the Eight Party Alliance is now useless. They want it to be formed again with republicanism as central theme. Anyway, Maoists are not shocked at the statement of EC. It seems CPN Maoist and CPN UML are competing with each other to blame Nepali Congress for pushing the election towards uncertainty. In terms of being harsh to NC, UML has won the game. Meanwhile Prime Minister and NC boss GP Koirala is like, well folks I am responsible yes but you folks also can’t escape. He is right; all of these folks can’t escape.

By the way, Gyanendra Shah, who issued a New Year statement today fulfilling his desire to issue such statement every now and then, has shown his phony appreciation of the peace process. I think its better not to give attention to his man.

Jumla Linked: But the best news comes from Jumla, one of the remotest districts in Nepal, where vehicle has reached. With the vehicle, hope of bright future has also touched in Jumla. People welcomed the car by garlanding the owner and worshipping the machine. They also sacrificed an animal on the occasion. People are happy that with the arrival of road, they don’t have to suffer from the scarcity of food in the region. Their Apple will get access to market and they will also be free from taking the expensive flights.