Finally Constituent Assembly Election is Uncertain. Damn…

EC asks the government to push it by at least 120 days. We have just received a report from the Election Commission that the EC has expressed its inability to hold election of Constituent Assembly on the stipulated time of June 20. The Commission had written a letter to the government yesterday and the cabinetContinue reading “Finally Constituent Assembly Election is Uncertain. Damn…”

Mark These Numbers: 205 + 35 + 240 + 17= 497 in Constituent Assembly

497=Total number of seats in Constituent Assembly Here is how it works: 205= Existing constituencies (for the Parliament) 35= To be added (recommended by the Election Constituency Delimitation Commission.) Of the 35, the commission has added 28 constituencies in the terai and 7 in the hill regions. But it hasn’t changed the number of constituenciesContinue reading “Mark These Numbers: 205 + 35 + 240 + 17= 497 in Constituent Assembly”