India on Election: Nepal Could Set Its Own Example

At a time when certain embassies are casting doubts on the fate of CA elections, India has supported Nepali Prime Minister’s position that election must be held at any cost. This is important because elections must be held on time. To differ the election date means to give time to play dirty games to the royalists against democracy.

Indian Ambassador Shiv Shanker Mukherjee today said that Nepal could “set its own example” on the issue of holding timely elections to the Constituent Assembly (CA). The Indian Ambassador’s statement comes amidst comments from some diplomatic corps in the capital that holding of the CA elections by stipulated time was not possible, and that the election would lose its credibility in front of the world community, if held forcefully. Talking to reporters after a meeting with Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala this morning, Mukherjee said, “Finalising election policies to meet international standards is not a priority issue” adding that Nepal could set its own examples in this regards as it had done during the peace process. Mukherjee further clarified that the Indian government would “support and assist” whatever election date the eight parties decide on.

The Indian envoy had called on PM Koirala to discuss border security issues. According to sources, during the 20-minute long discussion held this morning at the PM’s Baluwatar residence, the duo deliberated ways to strengthen security vigilance at the Indo-Nepal borders. The Indian Foreign Minister Pranab Mukharjee, during the recently concluded 14th SAARC Summit in New Delhi, had expressed commitment towards making stronger security arrangements to prevent criminal activities in the Terai region, where evidences have pointed towards involvement of Indian criminal elements in the recent string of unruly activities there. Indian Embassy spokesperson Gopal Bagle informed that the meeting had discussed the latest political developments in Nepal and the challenges that lay ahead.

Meanwhile, the Parliamentary State Affairs Committee (PAC) was unable to finalise the bill regarding the number of seats for the Constituent Assembly even after three days of deliberations following a dispute between the Members of Parliament (MPs) today. (here is more)

Plus, Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Bhoj Raj Pokhrel today said that the upcoming Constituent Assembly (CA) elections could be held even under “unusual” circumstances. Pokhrel’s comments come in the heels of Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala’s statement in Biratnagar a few weeks ago that under “abnormal” circumstances, the elections could also be held in “abnormal” ways. (more here)