Nepali Congress Mass Meeting in Pokhara

The 80 plus year old Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala still has the same energy that he used to have in his young days. This man, the most powerful prime minister of Nepal, went to India the day he took oath in the parliament and addressed the meeting of SAARC in New Delhi. Back inContinue reading “Nepali Congress Mass Meeting in Pokhara”

Constitutional Monarchy in Nepal: Shift (to republicanism)+Delete!

Select ‘Constitutional Monarchy’ and press the Shift and Delete keys: Ultra-monarchists are advocating for ceremonial monarchy, constitutional monarchists are advocating for republicanism and republicans want Nepal to be declared republic state right now! In the past few days, unthinkable are happening in Nepal. It’s not that frogs are falling from the sky or dead menContinue reading “Constitutional Monarchy in Nepal: Shift (to republicanism)+Delete!”