Story of How Chandi Raj Dhakal Looted Nepal

We always knew many businessmen in this country were corrupt and cheating the nation. While taking about the corruption of politicians only, the businessmen’s misdeeds were under shadow. In fact, they were the ones who promoted corruption in political circle. The government rarely took action against corrupt businessmen. We only heard about the blacklist but never saw the action against the blacklisted individuals. Here is a story of one such blacklisted and corrupt businessman who is now facing the action:

By Prem Khanal

Chandi Raj Dhakal, president of the apex body of business chambers, FNCCI, has been summoned by the government for swindling Rs 8.6 million by forging documents. Dhakal has so far ignored summons by the Revenue Investigation Department (RID). According to our source, the government is all set to use police, if he further delays in producing himself to RID. Once Dhakal presents himself at RID, he will have to deposit a bail amount of Rs 25.5 million to avoid detention. RID has alleged that Dhakal owned Momento Apparels, the largest garment factory of the country, cheated Rs 8.6 million in customs duty by producing forged documents at the bonded warehouse. On his part, Chandi Raj Dhakal has denied being involved in any such forgery. “Some error might have happened about a year-and-a-half ago when my factory was gutted by fire. I’m investigating the case, and will produce facts before the government soon,” he said. Dhakal said that the responsible person of Momento Apparels was out of the country now, so he was taking time to reply to the government summons. Continue reading Story of How Chandi Raj Dhakal Looted Nepal