Young Communist League Rally Against Gaur Killing

By Neil Horning

Part of a Nationwide rally of the YCL took place in Pokhara today. Office Secretary at the Maoist camp near Prithvichowk, Kiran Thapa, gave me a few words about the program. “This is a program against the Gaur violence. We demand the government investigate, and find out who is innocent and who is guilty. We are in favor of American people but against American imperialism. We are in favor of democratic Americans. People don’t have a good understanding of us. We are not traditional communists. We are in favor of Democracy. We heartily request all people to support our movement. We hope our movement will establish peace and a better environment all over the world.” [In Kathmandu, Jana Astha weekly reported on Wednesday, royalists unsuccessfully tried to infiltrate into Tuesday’s YCL rally in the city but police foiled their attempt.]

Asked if the Maoist were happy with the new ministerial posts Kiran said, “We are happy, but we want this government to have constituent assembly elections in 2064 BS. There are many journalists who do not have a good understanding of our party, and people who don’t understand much, believe them. Journalists who don’t look deep, think our local workers are in favor of violence, but they are only in favor of democracy and against monarchy. Please express to the world that the Maoists are in favor of real democracy. We are against Monarchy, Expansionism, and Imperialism. It is right to rebel. Rebellion is always a right. Under any government the people always have the right to rebel.”

The focus of the event might have been about the violence in Gaur, but the mood was definitely not. In contrast to the funeral march in Kathmandu, the Maoists at this function seemed a lot less angry, and much more enthusiastic. They were definitely having fun. Continue reading Young Communist League Rally Against Gaur Killing